Everyone at St. Edward's has the ability to make custom mailing lists at lists.stedwards.edu, but only approved faculty and staff can access what we call Restricted lists. 

Restricted lists are groups of student, staff and faculty email addresses curated by pre-set criteria like program, major, school or on-campus residence. 

There are three tiers of access for these lists:
  • Moderators: Moderators serve as admins, who can modify and send to a list, or add moderators.
  • Subscribers: Subscribers can send mail to a Restricted list but cannot modify it.
  • General Users: Everyone has the ability to create new lists of students, faculty and staff, but to gain access to Restricted mailing lists, you'll need to submit an OIT support request, either through this site or support@stedwards.edu
You can find out if you have access to a Restricted list by logging in at lists.stedwards.edu with your university username and password. The list names shown are those you're subscribed to. If you see Admin next to any of them, that means you're a Moderator. Check out what that means for you

Mailing a List

To mail to a list you're subscribed to, take the list name and add @lists.stedwards.edu. For example, to email the supervisors list, you'd type supervisors@lists.stedwards.edu. 

Current Restricted Lists

You can search existing lists by the following criteria. (Clicking the link downloads a PDF list.)