We've got two ways to handle receiving and sending emails by group: group email accounts and group mailing lists.

Group Email Accounts

In Google, there are two options for setting up a shared space for your group: a traditional shared mailbox and a Collaborative Inbox. 

Either way, OIT can create a shared email account for your office or department once you've filled out the account request form. The pro: Your group gets a nice, concise address (ex. ourgroup@stedwards.edu). The con: Your request will need to go through us to be approved and implemented.

Collaborative Inbox

The Collaborative Inbox is an option within Google Groups that allows a set group of users to receive messages to a shared email address. Here, the messages are treated similarly to tasks, and you're able to assign them to other group members to handle. 

Shared Mailbox

This is a separate email account in Google with a single owner, who can delegate access to other group members (up to 25).  Please note that these accounts can only access Gmail. Google Drive and other G Suite applications are not available to shared mailbox accounts. 

Mailing Lists

Meanwhile, everyone can create custom mailing lists by logging in with their St. Edward's University credentials at lists.stedwards.edu.

There are two types of lists available, each with tiered levels of access:
  • those generated by Banner (Restricted lists, accessible only by select administrative staff)
  • those created by users
A Restricted list is a group of students, staff or faculty, sorted by program, major, school, on-campus residence or other pre-set criteria. 

Comparing Group Account Options

Deciding which group email solution is right for your department or office is important, but it can also be confusing. Here, we've broken down the features available with each option. 
Which Option Is Right for You?

Collaborative Inbox (Google)  

Shared Mailbox (Google)   Mailing List (Sympa)                                               
Receive email to a shared email address (e.g., support@stedwards.edu) Yes Yes Yes

The group address name will end with @lists.stedwards.edu.
Respond to email sent from outside users Yes Yes Yes

The list moderator can enable this in the list settings.
Send new email (originated by the group email account) No

Group members can choose to send as the group when composing messages in their own individual inbox.
Yes Yes
Sort and archive email in labels (folders) No Yes No
Assign emails to other group members (like tasks) Yes No No
Filter email by tags Yes Yes No
Share a calendar with group members No Yes No
Manage group membership Yes

The group owner adds members to the inbox.

The group owner delegates access to the account for up to 25 people.

The list owner can manage subscribers and admin permissions.
Create a mailing list of users for sending regular emails No No Yes
Requires OIT setup Yes

Once the account is created, the group admin can update membership. 

Once the account is created, the group owner will be able to delegate access for up to 25 people.

Anyone can make a custom mailing list. Only approved users, however, have access to pre-defined Restricted Lists.