University employees may need greater access to university systems than initially granted, or a university affiliate may need temporary access to our systems. 

System access — and the process for receiving it — varies, depending on the type of system and the role of the employee. Please see the broad categories below. 

Access to Banner and Related Systems

Banner is the university's ERP system, or its central source for data relating to the business of the university and the academic records of its students. 

Supervisors can request elevated access for employees to Banner and adjacent systems, including Argos and Banner Document Manager, through the online ERP Access Request Form. This request must be completed by either the supervisor of the employee who needs access or the executive assistant of a vice president who supervises an employee who needs access. 

Any individual who requires access to student data must first complete FERPA training. For any questions regarding FERPA or FERPA training, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Baseline Access

All university employees are granted baseline access to Banner based on their position and organization. If you need more information about what an employee is already provisioned for, please contact OIT support.

Account usage by both internal and external parties is subject to the terms of our Acceptable Use of Information Technology Policy.

If you have questions about what kind of access to request, please contact the specific area, as outlined on the access request form.

Access to Non-Banner Applications 

Faculty or staff who need administrative or elevated access to other systems should submit a case to OIT support requesting that access. Access to these services is governed by the Identity Management Policy, Acceptable Use Policy and FERPA . Individuals requesting access must state their reason for the request and include the approval of their direct supervisor, department chair, dean or associate dean. In some cases, approval from a department director or area vice president may be required.

Server Access

Server access requests follow similar lines. Employees who need access to OIT-managed or -hosted servers must provide written permission from their supervisor or director with a business justification. Access to servers for a university affiliate must be sponsored by a St. Edward's employee. 
The scope of server access is based on the principle of least privilege, meaning approved employees will be given access to the minimum amount of information or resources necessary to fulfill the request. Administrative access is not granted unless absolutely necessary. 

Instructor Access to Canvas

All instructors of record are added automatically to Canvas, the university's learning management system, with the Teacher role. For other requests, Instructional Technology staff will add Instructors to a class only if they have written permission (via email) from the instructor of record for the class. If that instructor is not available, the department chair, associate dean or dean may request instructor access by submitting a support request to
If an instructor is added to a past course, the instructor will be added as a Non-Grading TA with no access to student work from that class. Only department chairs, associate deans or deans may request access for themselves with the role of Teacher to past courses.