Before you can log in to your St. Edward's University account for the first time, you'll need to activate your account.

You'll also need to activate your account if you've never activated it in our new identity management system. 

New User Account Activation

1. Visit the Account Activation Page

At, select Activate Your Account and proceed with the required information. To activate your account, you'll need to enter four things: first name, last name, date of birth and an account activation code. You can get that code by giving us a call at 512.448.8443.

2. Follow the Activation Steps

To complete the process, you'll be asked to provide your username and password and accept the university computing policy. Then you can set up further account details like security questions and alternate contact information.

Image of the account claim screen

  • Be sure to have no extra spaces after your first and last name. 
  • Capitalize the first letter of your first and last name
  • Birthday should be in MM/DD/YYYY format
  • The activation code should be in ALL CAPS

User with Existing Password

Some faculty, staff and students have never officially activated their account in the university's current identity management system. To ensure you don't lose access to key university services because of an account issue, you should proceed to, where you can manage your account details.

For this first and only time, select Activate Your Account, and follow the activation steps there.